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Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure, and for many patients, the prospect of choosing the right professional to perform the procedure can be daunting.

In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between dentists and oral surgeons and help you decide who is best suited to perform your wisdom tooth extraction. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of why oral surgeons, such as those at AZ Max Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, are typically the best choice for this procedure.

Dentist vs. Oral Surgeon: Training and Expertise

A general dentist has completed dental school, which includes four years of comprehensive training in diagnosing and treating various oral health issues. 

While they are skilled in performing simple tooth extractions and routine dental procedures, dentists may not have the specialized training required for more complex procedures.

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon, on the other hand, has completed an additional four to six years of training beyond dental school in surgical procedures, general anesthesia, and the treatment of diseases and conditions of the mouth, jaw, and face.

This advanced training allows them to expertly handle cases that involve impacted wisdom teeth, bone grafting, or patients with special needs or complex medical histories.

Dentists and Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Pros and Cons

Dentists may be equipped to perform basic wisdom tooth extractions, especially if the tooth has fully erupted and presents a straightforward case. This can come with some benefits, such as familiarity with your regular dentist and potentially lower costs.

However, there are disadvantages to having your wisdom tooth extracted by a general dentist. Due to their limited surgical training, dentists are often less experienced in managing complications that may arise during the procedure, such as bleeding, fractures, nerve injuries, or infections.

Additionally, most dentists can only offer local anesthesia, which may not be sufficient for patients who require or desire a deeper level of sedation.

Key Takeaway

While dentists may be able to perform basic wisdom tooth extractions, choosing an oral surgeon can offer several advantages such as specialized training and experience in surgical procedures and general anesthesia. Oral surgeons are better equipped to manage potential complications and offer a wider range of sedation options for a more comfortable procedure

Oral Surgeons and Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Pros and Cons

Oral surgeons are the go-to professionals for wisdom tooth extractions due to their extensive training and experience in surgical procedures and safe delivery of IV sedation and general anesthesia.

One major advantage of choosing an oral surgeon is their ability to offer a wider range of anesthesia options, including IV sedation and general anesthesia, which ensures a more comfortable and stress-free experience for patients who may be anxious about the procedure.

There have been numerous patient testimonials attesting to the skill and expertise of oral surgeons. For example, a patient who was recently seen at AZ Max Oral & Maxillofacial had this to say about Dr. DJ Lemieux:

 “I was in severe pain from my wisdom teeth and had tried to schedule an appointment with someone for weeks. After it became unbearable, I found Dr. DJ Lemieux, and he made sure I was seen that same day. He helped by immediately easing my pain and addressing the problem tooth that was hurting the most, and scheduled the follow-up for the rest for the next business day, making sure that I would make it through the weekend….relatively pain free.”

The downside to choosing an oral surgeon might be slightly higher costs compared to a dentist. However, in many cases, these professionals are better equipped to mitigate potential risks and complications, offering a safer and more effective procedure.

5 Reasons to Choose an Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Tooth Removal

  1. Extensive training and expertise – As mentioned earlier, oral surgeons undergo specialized training to perform complex surgical procedures, making them highly qualified for wisdom tooth extraction.
  2. More anesthesia options – Oral surgeons can offer a wider array of anesthesia options to ensure patients’ comfort during the procedure and potentially reduce post-op pain.
  3. Experience managing complications – In case of any complications during the surgical procedure and post-operatively, oral surgeons are better equipped to handle them and ensure a successful outcome.
  4. Faster procedure time – Thanks to their specialized training and experience, oral surgeons can perform wisdom tooth extractions in a more efficient manner, potentially reducing procedure time and recovery period.
  5. Quality follow-up care – Oral surgeons often provide personalized follow-up care for their patients, ensuring a smooth recovery and addressing any concerns or complications that may arise.

AZ Max-Your Oral Surgeon in Mesa, AZ

While dentists are skilled and qualified professionals in their own right, when it comes to wisdom tooth extractions, the specialized training and expertise of oral surgeons make them the preferred choice.

With more anesthesia options, experience managing potential complications, faster procedure times, and personalized follow-up care, oral surgeons like those at AZ Max Oral & Maxillofacial are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for their patients.

Don’t just take our word for it, read real patient testimonials and see the results for yourself. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced oral surgeons today and experience the difference in care for yourself!

Whether you’re struggling with wisdom tooth pain or simply need a routine extraction, choosing an oral surgeon can ensure a smoother and more successful outcome. If you are searching for ‘wisdom teeth extraction near me’ or ‘best wisdom teeth removal near me’, trust the experts at AZ Max Oral Surgery.

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