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At AZ Max we strive to create healthy and positive experiences for all who trust their care to us.

Welcome to Arizona Maxillofacial Surgeons; more commonly known as AZ Max. We appreciate the fact that you have chosen AZ Max to provide the care you need. We want to ensure you that your comfort, safety and health are our highest priorities. We encourage you to explore this website and carefully read the information it contains, as it will be valuable to you as you learn about the care and services available at AZ Max.

Our Mission Statement

At AZ Max we dedicate ourselves to the utmost care of each individual. Our mission is to provide compassionate and attentive patient care using state-of-the-art procedures, technologies, and surgical techniques. Through professionalism and teamwork we strive to create healthy and positive experiences for all who trust their care to us.

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smiles-1Since our doors first opened in 1994, the team at AZ Max has strived to excel in the science and art of oral and maxillofacial surgery. While having four oral surgeons in one practice may not be common, we feel that each patient benefits greatly because of the depth of experience and consistency in excellence that each doctor at AZ Max offers. Having partners to share ideas and operate with is beneficial and truly unique for our patients, and we believe it is the only way to practice.

Working as part of the AZ Max team allows us to treat our patients efficiently; we nearly always see a patient with an emergency that same day. For every patient who seeks help this means there is always a concerned doctor on call 24/7. You can expect to receive excellent treatment in the same caring manner from any of the four AZ Max surgeons. The partnership that exists at AZ Max allows the doctors to use their different strengths and combine talents to provide the best patient care available, consulting with one another about more complex cases and receiving input about how to best treat each patient.

In short, by coming to AZ Max you can get a second, third and even fourth opinion without ever going to another practice.

Doctors Austin, Porter, Boyse and Romney are specialists in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. After graduating from dental school, each completed an additional four to five year hospital residency. This means they have the education and experience that distinctly qualify them to treat diverse problems of the bones and soft tissues of the face, jaws, mouth and teeth. They are skilled in a wide range of procedures including dental implant surgery, jaw and facial reconstructive surgery as well as tooth removal.

At AZ Max we strongly believe your dentist is a vital partner and will consult him/her during your care here to determine the best course of treatment in consideration of your unique needs and dental history.

Your Comfort

At AZ Max we understand that you may feel some anxiety about your treatment: the first question we hear from many patients is “Will it hurt?” AZ Max provides many options for pain management. You may be comfortable using only local analgesics or you may choose to sleep during your procedure with the help of general anesthesia. Our doctors and surgical team members hold certifications in IV sedation and CPR. They have the skills and training necessary to administer medications safely and continually monitor you during your care.


The technology that drives dentistry has changed and improved over time. This is why at AZ Max we feel that continuing education plays an important role in allowing us to provide the best patient care available. Our doctors and staff attend many seminars and training courses each year. We see these not only as necessary to stay up to date with state certification requirements, but as opportunities to advance our skills. AZ Max offers the dental community similar opportunities on a local level by sponsoring multiple educational meetings each year. AZ Max also provides a forum for discussion about current issues in dentistry by hosting a study club and publishing an informational newsletter.

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