Losing your natural teeth can be both emotionally and functionally challenging. Thankfully, modern dentistry, like the services available at AZ Max Oral Surgery, offers various options to help restore your beautiful smile and regain your confidence. One such solution is the use of dental implants for denture retention. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how dental implants can help retain dentures, providing comfort, stability, and improved quality of life.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone in place of missing teeth. These implants serve as a strong and stable foundation for various dental prostheses, including dentures. The process of osseointegration occurs when the bone grows around the implant, creating a strong bond that can secure and support a variety of dental restorations.

How Do Dental Implants Help Retain Dentures?

Conventional dentures are held in place using adhesives or suction, which can be uncomfortable, unreliable, and limit the types of foods you can enjoy. The use of dental implants for denture retention is a game-changer, as they can help you live a life free of these limitations. 

Here are some ways implant-supported dentures improve denture retention: 

  1. Increased Stability: Implant-retained dentures are securely anchored to the jawbone through dental implants. This prevents the dentures from shifting or falling out, providing you with the confidence and comfort to speak, eat, and smile without worrying about them moving. 
  2. Improved Functionality: With the added stability of dental implants, your dentures will function more like your natural teeth. This means you’ll be able to chew and bite with greater force, allowing you to enjoy a wider range of foods that may have been difficult with traditional dentures.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Because implant-retained dentures don’t rely on suction or adhesives, they’re more comfortable to wear. Your dentures will be custom-designed to fit snugly over the implants, ensuring a secure connection without discomfort or the need for adjustments throughout the day.
  4. Bone Preservation: One significant advantage of oral implants is their ability to preserve jaw bone density. When you lose teeth, the bone that supports them starts to resorb, causing facial sagging and other structural changes. Dental implants help prevent this bone loss by stimulating the jawbone, maintaining its density, and ensuring a more youthful appearance.

Are You a Candidate for Implant-Supported Dentures?

If you currently wear dentures or are considering them as a solution for missing teeth, dental implants may be an excellent option for you. Candidates for implant-supported dentures should have sufficient bone density to support the implants and be committed to maintaining good oral hygiene.  Many patients seen at AZ Max Surgeons have been told by other dental professionals that they are not a candidate for dental implants.  With some simple grafting techniques, we have provided many implants for patients that earlier had no hope.

At AZ Max Oral Surgery, our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and discuss your options to determine if dental implants for denture retention are right for you.

Ready to Explore Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant-retained dentures can significantly improve both the appearance and functionality of your smile. If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants and their role in denture retention, AZ Max Oral Surgery is here to help. 

To schedule a consultation, call us at (480) 830-5866 or complete the online booking form and we’ll be in touch shortly. We look forward to helping you smile with confidence!

If you are searching for dental implants Mesa AZ, or dental implants near me-trust the experts at AZ Max Oral Surgery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Price Difference Between Traditional Complete Dentures and Implant-Supported Dentures?

The cost of traditional dentures can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the materials and type of denture used. Implant-supported dentures typically cost more than traditional dentures, but their improved comfort and stability make them well worth the investment.

Are Implant-Supported Dentures Worth It?

Yes, implant-supported dentures are worth it. They provide superior stability and comfort and can also prevent bone loss in the jaw and preserve your facial structure for a youthful appearance. If you are a good candidate for dental implants, this may be an ideal option for you. After having dental implants placed, many patients wonder why they waited so long to seek treatment. Factors such as fear, cost, and potential pain have kept them away, but after receiving treatment, they realize that these concerns were not as big of a factor as they expected and regret not seeking treatment sooner.

What Is the Difference Between Implant-Retained and Implant-Supported Dentures?

The terms “implant-retained” and “implant-supported” are often used interchangeably. Implant-retained dentures are not completely fixed in place, but rather held on to the implants with a clip or bar attachment. Implant-supported dentures, on the other hand, are secured to the implants with screws and can only be removed by a dentist.  A bar-attached denture is an exception.  It is an implant-retained and implant-supported prosthetic that can be removed for cleaning and replaced by the patient.

What Is a Bar-Attachment Denture?

A bar-attachment denture is an implant-retained and implant-supported denture that uses a metal bar to attach the dentures to the implants. The bar is custom-made and fits snugly over the implants for secure retention. These types of dentures offer superior stability compared to traditional dentures while still allowing for easy removal when necessary.