Residents of Scottsdale have a top-tier option for oral and maxillofacial surgery just a short drive away: AZ Max Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. 

With three convenient locations in Tempe, Mesa, and North Mesa, AZ Max provides comprehensive and advanced care tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Comprehensive Services Offered

We offer a wide array of services designed to address both minor and complex oral concerns. Some of the key services include:

  • Dental implants: We provide state-of-the-art dental implants that offer a permanent solution, ensuring functionality and aesthetics.
  • Wisdom teeth removal: We perform expert wisdom teeth extractions, minimizing discomfort and ensuring a smooth recovery.
  • Jaw surgery: For patients with misaligned jaws or other skeletal issues, we offer corrective jaw surgery to restore proper function and appearance.
  • TMJ treatment: Sufferers of temporomandibular joint disorders can find relief through TMJ arthroscopy
  • Bone grafting: We provide bone grafting procedures after tooth extractions or before dental implant surgery.

Why Choose AZ Max?

Expertise and Experience

Our surgeons are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. They are committed to providing the highest quality of care through a combination of advanced technology and compassionate patient interaction.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Each of our locations are equipped with the latest surgical technology, ensuring patients receive cutting-edge treatment in a comfortable and safe environment.

Patient-Centered Approach

We pride ourselves on a patient-centered approach, placing a strong emphasis on individual needs and preferences. From the initial consultation to post-surgery follow-ups, patients can expect thorough, attentive care every step of the way.

Convenient Locations

With three locations near Scottsdale, patients have the flexibility to choose the most convenient site for their appointments. This ease of access simplifies the process, making it straightforward and stress-free to receive the specialized care they need.


AZ Max Oral Surgeons Tempe, AZ

“I was totally impressed with my appointment with Dr. Brinks Austin, AZ-Max Clinic.

Pre visit, health history questions were completed online, streamlining the office visit. Upon arrival, the entire staff was pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful, X-rays taken to facilitate Dr Austin’s interview. Dr Austin was very thorough, explaining options in great detail as well as what to expect. I left feeling well-informed and impressed with my experience at AZ Max.”

AZ Max Oral Surgeons Mesa, AZ

“From the very beginning, which started with a phone call, I felt very much at ease. Michelle was super friendly and very helpful getting me set up for my first consultation. Victoria answered every question and made the consultation fun and relaxing. Meeting Dr. Boyse was the best. He’s got a great bedside manner and answered all my questions and gave me 3 options instead of just one.  The day of my surgery to have bone grafting surgery I met Cynthia who took the best care of me. My overall experience has been amazing. And I can’t wait to get my new teeth.”

AZ Max Oral Surgeons North Mesa, AZ

“I’ve always had good experiences here with the staff, nurse, doctors, and the front office. They answer their phones, keep their promise if they need to call you back, just leave your number, and the communication is on point. When you’re in the office, they respect your time, are friendly and check in is easy. They communicate with my regular dentist’s office, send records as needed, and they go above and beyond with the little things that matter to their patients, including checking up on how you’re doing, and the gift of kindness and empathy. Thanks Dr. Porter, Dr. Austin and everyone at AZ Max Surgeons.”

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For Scottsdale residents seeking the best in oral and maxillofacial surgery, AZ Max Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons is the clear choice. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards improved oral health and well-being.

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